Medical Terminology

About the Course

The Medical Terminology course is designed to introduce students to the structure of medical terms, including prefixes, suffixes, word roots, singular and plural forms and medical abbreviations. The course allows students to achieve comprehension of medical vocabulary appropriate to medical procedures, human anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology in order to prepare students for the medical profession.

Total Lessons 40
Grade Level 9th - 12th
Projects, Activities & Assessments 745

SAMPLE LESSON  Medical Terms & Terminology

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.

Course Lessons

Medical Terms & Terminology
Medical Terminology: Resources
Medical Terminology: Translation & Communication
Morphemes: Immune System
Morphemes: Respiratory System
Morphemes: Cardiovascular System
Morphemes: Nervous System
Morphemes: Skeletal System
Morphemes: Digestive System
Morphemes: Integumentary System
Morphemes: Muscular System
Morphemes: Special Senses
Morphemes: Reproductive System
Morphemes: Urinary System
Morphemes: Endocrine System
Body Systems Basics: Immune
Diseases & Conditions: Immune System
Body Systems Basics: Respiratory
Diseases & Conditions: Respiratory System
Body Systems Basics: Cardiovascular
Diseases & Conditions: Cardiovascular System
Body Systems Basics: Nervous
Diseases & Conditions: Nervous System
Body Systems Basics: Skeletal
Diseases & Conditions: Skeletal System
Body Systems Basics: Digestive
Diseases & Conditions: Digestive System
Body Systems Basics: Integumentary
Diseases & Conditions: Integumentary System
Body Systems Basics: Muscular
Diseases & Conditions: Muscular System
Body Systems Basics: Special Senses
Diseases & Conditions: Special Senses
Body Systems Basics: Reproductive
Diseases & Conditions: Reproductive System
Body Systems Basics: Urinary
Diseases & Conditions: Urinary System
Body Systems Basics: Endocrine
Diseases & Conditions: Endocrine System
Employability Skills in Health Care