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Veterinary Medical Applications

Agricultural Science

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About the Course

The Veterinary Medical Applications course covers topics relating to veterinary practices, including practices for large and small animal species. Students will cover topics like Livestock and Companion Breed Identification, Nutrition, Veterinary Medical Practices and Anatomy to include their knowledge in Veterinary Medicine.

  • Total Lessons: 40
  • Grade Level: 11th - 12th
  • Projects, Activities & Assessments: 848

Veterinary Medical Practices: Laboratory Procedures

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.

Lessons Available in This Course

  • Animals & Society
  • Virtual Job Descriptions for Veterinary Science
  • Common Veterinary Medical Equipment
  • Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy
  • Breeds of Companion Animals: Exotics
  • Livestock Breed Identification: Sheep
  • Ruminant Digestive Systems: A Closer Look
  • Advanced Livestock Nutrition
  • Endocrine, Immune & Integumentary Systems
  • Common Diseases of Small Animals
  • Animal Behavior
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Blood Samples
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Laboratory Procedures
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Pharmacology
  • Animals in Research
  • Veterinary Laws & Ethics
  • Mathematical Applications in Veterinary Science
  • Breeds of Companion Animals: Cats
  • Livestock Breed Identification: Cattle
  • Livestock Breed Identification: Swine
  • Digestive Systems of Livestock: A Basic Look
  • Basic Canine Nutrition
  • Nervous, Skeletal & Muscular Systems
  • Parasites of Livestock
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Animal Handling & Identification
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Injections
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Hospital Procedures
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Veterinary Business Management
  • Veterinary Medical Terms & Terminology
  • External Anatomy of Livestock: Terms & Terminology
  • Breeds of Companion Animals: Dogs
  • Livestock Breed Identification: Goats
  • Digestive System
  • Basic Livestock Nutrition
  • Circulatory & Respiratory Systems
  • Common Animal Diseases
  • Common Parasites of Small Animals
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Vital Signs
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Clinical Examinations
  • Veterinary Medical Practices: Surgical Procedures

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