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Exploring Agriscience (Middle School)

Agricultural Science

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About the Course

In the Exploring Agriscience course, students will explore agricultural science basics and concepts.
  • Total Lessons: 40
  • Projects, Activities & Assessments: 581


Product Design Considerations

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.

Lesson Resources:

Lessons Available in This Course

  • History of Agriculture
  • Exploring Careers: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Introduction
  • Blue & Gold Experience: SAE Programs
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Exploring SAEs - Ownership/Entrepreneurship
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Exploring SAEs - Placement/Internship
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Exploring SAEs - Research
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Exploring SAEs - School-Based Enterprise
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Exploring SAEs - Service-Learning
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Involvement
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Leadership
  • Blue & Gold Experience: Opportunities
  • Blue & Gold Experience: The FFA Creed
  • Parliamentary Procedure Guidelines
  • Public Speaking Basics
  • The Cheeseburger
  • Hot Topics - Lean, Finely Textured Beef
  • Global Agriculture: Feeding the World
  • Global Agriculture: Food Perceptions & Safety
  • Hot Topics - GMO Labeling
  • Basic Animal Science
  • Cows & Climate: Introduction
  • Cows & Climate: Methane from Livestock
  • Cows & Climate: What is the 2050 Challenge?
  • Taking the Mystery Out of Pork Production
  • Field Trip: Dig It! The Secrets of Soil
  • Hot Topics - Drought Effects & Issues
  • Field Trip: Hoover Dam
  • Field Trip: Landmark Nurseries
  • Field Trip: Pitchfork Ranch
  • Field Trip: Texas Freshwater Fisheries
  • Basic Shop Safety: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Basic Shop Safety: Mechanical Hazards
  • Basic Shop Safety: Non-Mechanical Hazards
  • Basic Shop Safety: Elevated Work & Fall Protection
  • Basic Shop Safety: Hazard Recognition Challenge
  • Hand Tool ID & Terminology I
  • Hand Tool ID & Terminology II
  • Hand Tool ID & Terminology III
  • Welding Shop Safety

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