Industry Collaborator

What We Do

At CEV Multimedia, we create engaging curriculum that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful transition from high school to a meaningful career. Our lessons cover a range of career and technical subjects, and our online platform provides interactive tools to meet the needs of today’s students and teachers.

Benefits for You

The professionals we work with see the value in career and technical education, as well as the benefits of innovative online curriculum. They appreciate the ability to have a voice in educating the future of their workforce and enjoy the opportunity to share their passion with a younger generation. In many cases, our collaborators also recognize that the project is a chance to gain visibility and bolster their reputations and resumes. Participation increases name and brand recognition for collaborating professionals and their organizations. For example, in 2017 our lessons were utilized by more than 14,000 teachers in classrooms across the country, and students viewed nearly 12 million minutes of video during that year.

Why We Need You

We recognize the need for collaboration with experts who have firsthand knowledge and experience regarding the topics we teach. We have teamed up with a variety of recognized specialists in industry and academia to create innovative, accurate and appropriate content that stimulates student interest and facilitates purposeful learning. Our collaborators contribute in a few ways: helping identify what is most important to include in each lesson; sharing expertise through on camera interviews or demonstrations; and reviewing our content to ensure its quality.

How Our Process Works

When we create our curriculum, many factors come into play. Educators from across the nation provide insight into courses that are needed, and we review state and national education standards for each course. Next, we work with our collaborators to design lessons, discussing what should be included and how it should be presented. Collaborators provide expertise through video interviews and/or demonstrations, then we create the lesson components. After the lesson is created, collaborators have the ability to review it and give feedback regarding its quality. Finally, the lesson is published and made available to teachers and students around the nation. The level of involvement of each individual collaborator varies, and our process can accommodate a wide range of time commitments. For example, some collaborators choose to simply contribute through the video interview, declining the option to participate in the design and review of the lessons.

5 Easy Steps

1. Look over topic and give feedback

2. Schedule Shoot

3. Film

4. Review final edited production

5. Video is published