Industry Collaborators

Help us create innovative content which bridges the gap between classroom learning and future careers by partnering with us as an industry expert in your field.


Why Work With Us?

We Make Multimedia Curriculum

We have a growing library of nearly 2,000 published lessons which include videos, slide presentations, labs, activities, projects, assessments and more. 

We Create Content With Industry Experts

Through the years, we've worked with more than 1,900 industry experts, from police officers to agriculturists to photographers. 

We Reach A Huge Audience

Your contribution has the potential to impact the lives of 475,000 high school students and 14,000 teachers utilizing iCEV across the country. We also partner with organizations across the nation to work with adult learners, continuing education programs, and incarcerated youth.

We Make Collaboration Easy

Just tell us what you know, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team handles any additional research, scripting and editing necessary to complete the project.

Example Curriculum

Photography: Basics

Introduction to Culinary Techniques & Methods

Principles of Habitat Conservation & Management

Nursing Skills: Counting & Recording Respirations