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Brad HummelDec 12, 2023 8:00:00 AM7 min read

How to Build a Certified EKG Technician (CET) Curriculum

The NHA Certified EKG Technician (CET) exam gets your students ready to enter the ...
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Joshua WitherspoonDec 7, 2023 8:00:00 AM6 min read

How to Build a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Curriculum

The NHA Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) exam measures a students’ knowledge and ...
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Brad HummelNov 14, 2023 8:00:00 AM7 min read

How to Create a Patient Care Technician (PCT) Curriculum

Patient care technicians (PCTs) are some of the most in-demand medical personnel ...
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Brad HummelNov 6, 2023 11:53:54 AM10 min read

8 Steps to Prep Students for the NCHSE National Health Science Assessment

Preparing your students for the National Health Science Assessment (NHSA) can be a ...
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Brad HummelOct 31, 2023 8:00:00 AM5 min read

What Is the National Health Science Certificate & How Do You Prepare Students for It?

The National Health Science Certificate (NHSC) is an exam developed by the National ...
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Mike CesconOct 17, 2023 8:00:00 AM8 min read

What Are AMCA Certifications?

The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) is a well-known provider of ...
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Brad HummelApr 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM7 min read

What Is the AMT RMA Exam?

The AMT Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam is a healthcare industry certification ...
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Mike CesconFeb 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM14 min read

What Health Science Courses Can I Teach with AES?

Health science teachers often approach AES feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ...
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