For the Lifelong Learner

The iCEV curriculum platform allows adult learners to build and validate the knowledge and skills needed to transition to any form of post-secondary education, training or employment.


Resources for Adult Education

iCEV resources can be customized to reflect the unique needs and goals of each adult education student and program. The online curriculum is easily personalized to fit the class, and the industry certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform allow learners to verify their knowledge and skills, opening doors to educational and career opportunities in any industry or field.

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Workforce Development for Employers

iCEV materials are developed in collaboration with renowned experts across a variety of fields and are designed to address current industry topics and issues. The online curriculum can be used to stay relevant to workforce changes, and the industry certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform provide validation for those skills and foster a culture of professional development.

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Personal & Professional Development for the Individual

iCEV’s flexible, self-paced courses are the perfect fit for professionals pursuing new career opportunities or self-improvement. Plus, earning an industry certification is a great way to prove a skillset and knowledge base, providing pathways to career opportunities. 


Career-Readiness Through Skills Validation

Industry certifications hosted on iCEV are developed by industry leaders, reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and distinguish individuals from their peers when applying for jobs.

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