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Pre-Packaged Courses

Make teaching fun again with outlined lessons and related materials ready and waiting for you.

Each course is already aligned to state and national standards so you never need to worry about alignment again.

Course Set-Up Guide

Our easy, three-step process helps you setup your courses in no time.

Select a Premade Course

iCEV has customized course playlists to meet standards in your state

Name Your Course

Give your course a meaningful name.

Add More Courses

Your new course will be added to your course list. Click the "Add New Course" button to add another.

Interactive Activities & Online Assessments

Assign interactive activities and online assessments for students to complete.

Interactive activities engage students and promote retention of material.

Automatic Grading

Automatically evaluates and records results providing an easy way for educators to analyze student achievement data.

Industry Certifications

Enable students to complete industry-backed certifications directly within the iCEV system.

Encourage students to set and achieve goals while gaining valuable skills and improving employability.

Keep students success and career focused by allowing them to focus on a topic they are interested in.

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