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Which Health Science Theory Curriculum is Best for Me?

January 18th, 2022 | 9 min. read

Brad Hummel

Brad Hummel

Coming from a family of educators, Brad knows both the joys and challenges of teaching well. Through his own teaching background, he’s experienced both firsthand. As a writer for iCEV, Brad’s goal is to help teachers empower their students by listening to educators’ concerns and creating content that answers their most pressing questions about career and technical education.

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Do you teach Health Science Theory in Texas? If you’re new to teaching Health Science Theory, you may find it challenging to find appropriate materials that engage your students and meet Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements.

With so many options available to help you teach Health Science Theory, it can be intimidating to know where to begin. Health Science Theory is a key course in the Texas health science pathway and sets students up for success in more advanced classes. You don’t want to pick the wrong resources for your class and fail to satisfy TEKS. 

In this post, you’ll find more information about three types of curriculum resources that you can use to teach Health Science Theory in Texas:

  • Textbooks
  • Supplemental Materials
  • Digital Curriculum

After reading, you should understand your curriculum options to help you decide if one might better help you meet your Health Science Theory TEKS.

Health Science Theory Textbooks


Many teachers use comprehensive health science textbooks in teaching their Health Science Theory classes. Textbooks are a valuable resource for teachers not only because they offer a complete curriculum with readings and lesson plan resources, but also because they provide a thorough framework that can be helpful for teachers who are new to teaching health science.

Popular Health Science Theory Textbooks

Texas CTE health science teachers have found several different textbooks helpful in meeting TEKS for Health Science Theory. While each book organizes and presents content differently, any of these could be a good curriculum resource around which to build your Health Science Theory courses.

Textbooks that teachers often use for Health Science Theory include:

Any of these textbooks could be an excellent resource for your Texas Health Science Theory course.

Benefits of Health Science Theory Textbooks

Health Science Theory textbooks are one of the most conventional forms a health science curriculum can take.

A well-rounded CTE health science text can provide you with plenty of lesson plans, activities, and other educational material to teach Health Science Theory and meet your TEKS. They are easy to implement and are often prebuilt with student activities you can use in class.

Depending on the textbook, it’s possible to find a resource that aligns directly with Health Science Theory TEKS. Plus, many books also include separate teachers’ editions that you can use to supplement your daily lesson plans.

Drawbacks of Health Science Theory Textbooks

While textbooks are a great starting point for many Texas teachers, they are not always a one-stop solution for teaching a course like Health Science Theory.

If you use a more general health science textbook, you may need to rely on your experience or additional materials to apply the content specifically to Health Science Theory. Even if you use a book that meets all of your TEKS, you may still need other resources if your course includes a practicum or clinical experience.

There is also the reality that even the best textbooks eventually become outdated. When this occurs, teachers and administrators will need to decide whether they can supplement outdated content with additional material or pay to replace the textbooks altogether.

Are Health Science Theory Textbooks a Good Fit for You?

Health Science Theory textbooks can be a good fit for Texas teachers who want to rely on a traditional resource to meet their course TEKS.

If you find a textbook that fits well with your course,  you could be successful with the library of instructional resources that often come with print-based texts.

Textbooks are also a good choice for Health Science Theory teachers looking for a reference text to use alongside other instructional materials. If you have the time to find these additional resources, it’s possible to create a class in which your textbook forms a core part of your larger instructional strategy.

Supplemental Materials for Health Science Theory


Supplemental teaching materials are the second type of resource Texas educators use to teach Health Science Theory. Using supplemental materials allows teachers to create a custom curriculum with resources available online.

These supplemental resources allow teachers to select what is best for their Health Science Theory courses by picking and choosing the materials which most fit their needs. Although educators will need to pick which materials to incorporate, the right combination of resources can provide an excellent learning experience that satisfies your TEKS.

Popular Supplemental Materials for Health Science Theory

You can find quality supplemental materials for Health Science Theory through many digital outlets. Some of the more popular options among Texas instructors include:

Benefits of Supplemental Materials for Health Science Theory

Texas teachers can benefit from using supplemental materials for their Health Science Theory courses because they allow the maximum level of flexibility in creating a course and meeting TEKS.

If you’re willing to find materials on your own, you can create a custom Health Science Theory curriculum that satisfies every standard and meets the needs of your learners. Since you put together the curriculum yourself, you can ensure that your materials are always up to date and ready to use.

Drawbacks of Supplemental Teaching Materials for Health Science Theory

When using supplemental materials for Health Science Theory, you may struggle to find content specific enough to your course. You also can never truly be sure of the quality of materials you find online until you try them for yourself.

Because you’ll need to evaluate resources for yourself to form a custom curriculum, using supplemental resources to teach your Health Science Theory course will require significantly more time to plan and integrate successfully.

Are Supplemental Teaching Materials a Good Fit For You?

Teachers who like the idea of bringing several different resources together to create their own unique curriculum could benefit from using supplemental materials for Health Science Theory.

If you want to have total control over the content in your curriculum to ensure it satisfies TEKS, a self-designed curriculum offers the highest level of flexibility for you.

Digital Curriculum for Health Science Theory


A third option many Texas teachers turn to for Health Science Theory educational resources is a digital curriculum. Depending on the provider, a digital curriculum system allows teachers to implement a blended learning approach in which students receive the benefits of both in-person instruction and eLearning elements.

Digital curriculum gives teachers ample resources while providing them with some flexibility in using the curriculum for instruction.

Popular Digital Curriculum Options for Health Science Theory

While several digital curriculum options are available to Texas educators, only two are specifically aligned to the Health Science Theory TEKS:

  • Health Science Theory from iCEV - iCEV is a popular health science curriculum provider that offers a standards-aligned Health Science Theory course. The iCEV course is a pre-packaged solution that includes 22 lessons and is designed to function as a stand-alone, digital learning experience for students.

  • HealthCenter21 from AES - HealthCenter21 from AES offers teachers and students a digital curriculum solution designed for blended learning and that you can adapt to your specific needs. HealthCenter21 is aligned explicitly with TEKS for Health Science Theory.

Benefits of Digital Curriculum for Health Science Theory

If incorporated as part of a blended learning classroom, a digital curriculum can help bring about dramatic results in student learning and engagement. When your students receive their instruction through a digital curriculum system, you can focus on providing an excellent classroom experience where students engage in course material through discussions, exercises, and activities.

Digital curriculum also allows you to better differentiate your instruction. The flexibility of a digital curriculum enables students to work at their own pace, making the content adaptable while satisfying TEKS.

When well implemented, a digital curriculum can maximize learners’ appreciation of material while helping you save time and focus on your students.

Drawbacks of Digital Curriculum for Health Science Theory

Regardless of the benefits of a digital curriculum, there are still a few drawbacks worth mentioning.

The three most common problems with using digital curriculum are:

  • The potential for students to cheat
  • Technology requirements
  • Concerns about screen time

Cheating is, unfortunately, a constant struggle in education. But teachers can often prevent academic dishonesty by defining student success by effort rather than by test results.

Digital curriculum also requires access to technology, which may be a challenge for some students. Even in schools without a one-to-one technology program, teachers can ensure students have access to the digital curriculum through working in groups, accessing a computer cart, or even implementing a flipped learning strategy.

Lastly, you can limit screen time by giving breaks and adding supplemental materials to eLearning lessons and by embracing a blended learning approach in which students spend only some of their weekly class time learning online.

Is Digital Curriculum a Good Fit for You?

Digital curriculum is an excellent fit for Health Science Theory instructors looking to engage their students in a variety of ways. Because eLearning can be an integral part of a blended learning environment, a digital curriculum can help you provide the necessary instruction and remediation while meeting your TEKS.

Overall, a digital curriculum solution is great for Texas teachers who want the benefits of blended learning with the support of a comprehensive curriculum platform.

Which Health Science Theory Curriculum is Best for You?

Health Science Theory is an essential course in the Texas health science cluster. To provide the best opportunities for your students now and in the future, you need a curriculum that you are comfortable with as an instructor, that meets the needs of your students, and which satisfies TEKS standards.

Ultimately, what curriculum you choose will depend on what best suits your needs.

If you favor a more traditional approach that features a set curriculum with lesson plans and exercises, a Health Science Theory textbook could be right for you.

If you are excited about forming a custom curriculum using only the materials you choose, supplemental materials can help you create a solution unique to your Health Science Theory course.

Finally, if you’re interested in applying a blended learning strategy in your classroom while using content aligned to Health Science Theory TEKS, you could try using a digital curriculum.

If you’re curious about digital curriculum and want to learn how you can use it to meet your TEKS for Health Science Theory, click below to read your alignment:Discover How HealthCenter21 Aligns to the Health Science Theory TEKS