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Career and Technical Education (CTE) | Texas

What’s New for Texas Teachers at iCEV

February 9th, 2024 | 4 min. read

McKenna Garrison

McKenna Garrison

McKenna Garrison joined the iCEV marketing team in 2022 as the Content Marketing Specialist. Originally from a small town on the Gulf of Mexico, Garrison attended Texas Tech University from which she graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations & Strategic Community and an M.A. in Mass Communication & Media Studies. Garrison looks forward to bringing more of a storytelling element to iCEV social media pages. She also hopes to connect other CTE educators from around the country to the incredible curricula and resources iCEV has to offer.

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At iCEV, we take pride in our continuously updated, standards-aligned CTE curriculum. It’s important to not only keep our content updated but also the features that serve both students and teachers. 

In fact, we’ve updated new features to better support Texas teachers and created a new curriculum for various CTE subject areas. 

In this article, you’ll discover new features to better support you and your students, including:

  • Video Player Upgrade
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Translation
  • Custom Assessment Generator Upgrade
  • Print Assessments & Answer Keys

Once you understand how these features can positively impact you and your students, as well as where to find the new features, you’ll be well on your way to increasing student success in your classroom. 

Additionally, you’ll explore new and updated courses in various subject areas, including:

  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Health Science
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Safety
  • Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Educators, like you, know the importance of keeping the resources used in your classroom as up-to-date as possible. 


What are the New Features Available?

Video Player Upgrade

In all iCEV courses,  you’ll find an updated video player window. This upgrade not only provides a better viewing experience but also includes a video transcript as well as a breakdown of the current and upcoming videos in the course.

Additionally, within the transcript, your students can search the transcript to find different keywords they may need to revisit, making their study time efficient and effective.




Students can also take advantage of the brand-new text-to-speech feature that allows them to highlight phrases and have the text spoken to them. This is a great feature for your special populations students

To use this feature, your students can simply highlight the phrase they need to be spoken. This feature is available in all new instructional materials and lesson plans provided by iCEV. Additionally, the text-to-speech feature can be used even when materials have been translated, creating a seamless experience, even for your English Language Learners.


CTE teachers and students will find you can translate the transcript or instructional materials to a student's first language to help support your English Language Learners (ELLs). Not only will it transcribe the text on the screen, but you can also print out instructional materials in additional languages for in-class or hands-on activities and projects.

In order to translate your materials, take a look at the top left section of your screen. There you will find a drop-down menu labeled “Select Language.” There, you can select from hundreds of languages. 

Additionally, if your student also wants to use the text-to-speech feature in tandem with translated material, all they’ll need to do is highlight the phrase they would like spoken. 


What New Courses Are Available?

As the industry changes, it’s critical our curriculum does too. That’s why we’re passionate about creating new courses to meet you and your student's needs. These courses not only include new content, but the new features mentioned above as well! You can explore new courses, including:

  • Family & Consumer Sciences:
    • Child Development
    • Child Development Associate Foundations
    • Food Science
    • Principles of Education & Training
  • Health Science:
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Coding & Billing
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Pathophysiology
    • Principles of Health Science 
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security:
    • Forensic Science
  • Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration:
    • 6th GradeTechnology Applications
    • 7th Grade Technology Applications
    • 8th Grade Technology Applications
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math:
    • Computer Science I
    • Engineering Design & Presentation I
    • Engineering Design & Presentation II
    • Foundations of Cybersecurity
    • Fundamentals of Computer Science
    • Principles of Applied Engineering

What Updated Courses are Available?

Not only did we spend ample time creating brand-new courses for you, but we also updated some courses as well. Discover which of your favorite courses have been updated, including:

  • Family & Consumer Sciences:
    • Instructional Practices
    • Human Growth & Development
  • Health Science:
    • Health Science Theory
    • Medical Terminology

Additionally, all of the new and updated courses are available for adoption through Proclamation 2024

Proclamation 2024 is the current instructional materials adoption for the state of Texas. These materials are intended to satisfy TEKS requirements and are examined by state reviewers to ensure that they meet the standards for these courses.


Learn More About Proclamation 2024