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Middle School Technology Lesson Plans: Where to Find Them

September 20th, 2022 | 8 min. read

Brad Hummel

Brad Hummel

Coming from a family of educators, Brad knows both the joys and challenges of teaching well. Through his own teaching background, he’s experienced both firsthand. As a writer for iCEV, Brad’s goal is to help teachers empower their students by listening to educators’ concerns and creating content that answers their most pressing questions about career and technical education.

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If you’re a new middle school computer applications teacher, you’re facing many choices for technology lesson plans for your students. Making the right choices for your classroom can seem overwhelming since learning basic computer and technology skills will set them up for later success.

Thankfully, finding the right resources isn’t as difficult as you might think. Four of the most popular topics taught in middle school technology classes are:

  1. Website Creation and Beginner Coding Lessons
  2. Digital Citizenship Lessons
  3. Google Suite Lessons
  4. Microsoft Office Lessons

In this article, you’ll find an example resource for each topic and where to find additional lesson plans so you can choose the most appropriate materials for your program.


1. Website Creation and Beginner Coding Lessons

TechnoKids Middle School Technology Lesson Plans

Example: TechnoKids Intermediate Resources

An excellent resource for middle school technology lesson plans in coding and website creation comes from TechnoKids. TechnoKids publishes K-12 curriculum to help students understand key technology and computer science concepts.

While TechnoKids offers several different lesson options, middle school teachers will find their Intermediate resources the most appropriate for their students. Designed for learners in grades 6-9, the resources assist students in learning some of the most popular topics within a middle school technology class.

These materials are available individually or as an intermediate-level collection. The TechnoKids Intermediate lesson plan options include:

  • Website Creation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance
  • Coding
  • Python
  • HTML 5

One strength of the TechnoKids lessons is that it makes complex computer coding simple and accessible for students, so it’s great for middle schoolers who are just starting to learn these skills.

How Much Do These Technology Lesson Plans Cost, and Who Are They For?

If you only want a single TechnoKids project to use in your classroom, you’ll pay $40. You can also buy the entire Intermediate Curriculum Collection for $295, which includes access to more than a dozen projects.

TechnoKids is an excellent fit for instructors who want to emphasize computer coding and website creation since the resources make learning these skills accessible to younger learners.

Teachers who don’t think they’ll use all the materials in the collection may want to focus on one or two projects or look for a set of lesson plans that’s a better fit.

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2. Digital Citizenship Lessons


Example: Common Sense Education

Technology teachers often look for lesson plans to teach digital citizenship and literacy skills. Addressing these topics in a middle school classroom is critical to ensuring students can safely, responsibly, and respectfully use technology going forward.

Common Sense Education is a nonprofit organization that helps students and families understand and responsibly use media. Their Digital Citizenship resources provide ready-to-teach lessons for K-12 teachers that were developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The Common Sense digital citizenship lessons are divided into six categories:

  1. Media Balance and Well-Being
  2. Privacy and Security
  3. Digital Footprint and Identity
  4. Relationships and Communication
  5. Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, and Hate Speech
  6. News and Media Literacy

You’ll find a lesson for grades 6, 7, and 8 for 18 middle school digital citizenship lessons for each of these topics. You’ll also find take-home resources to share with families.

How Much Do These Technology Lesson Plans Cost, and Who Are They For?

As a nonprofit organization, Common Sense Education provides its lesson plans for free.

You could easily supplement your existing materials with these resources if you cover one or more of the lesson categories in your technology classes.

However, consider additional materials to build a complete technology curriculum if you're covering these areas in more depth.

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3. Google Suite Lessons

Google Apps Middle School Technology Lesson Plans

Example: Google Drive Bundle from Gavin Middleton

Because they’re easy to use and allow for quick, web-based collaboration, more and more teachers include the Google suite of applications in their middle school technology lesson plans. One example of a quality Google lesson plans provider is Gavin Middleton.

Gavin Middleton is a notable computer applications resource provider on Teachers Pay Teachers, the marketplace where instructors can buy, sell, and share classroom resources.

His Google Drive Bundle is a set of resources designed to help teach the Google Suite of applications for students in grades 6 and up.

These lesson plans cover all of the fundamentals of using Google applications, including:

  1. Files, Folders, and Sharing within Google Drive
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Slides
  4. Google Sheets
  5. Google Drawings
  6. Google Forms
  7. Updates and Add-ons in Drive

When you use each lesson plan, you’ll be able to give your students a working knowledge of applications they’ll use for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and file sharing.

How Much Do These Technology Lesson Plans Cost, and Who Are They For?

Gavin Middleton’s lesson plan bundle costs $19.95, a 40 percent savings over purchasing each of the resources individually.

If you cover the Google Suite in your technology lessons, there’s a high chance you’ll benefit from these materials. Considering the bundle contains over 500 pages of content, you’ll be able to teach many classes using just these resources.

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4. Microsoft Office Lessons

Microsoft Office Middle School Technology Lesson Plans

Example: Microsoft Office Mega Bundle from TechCheck Lessons

Microsoft Office lessons remain popular in many middle school technology classrooms because they introduce students to a suite of productivity tools they can use throughout their careers. A solid place to start is with TechCheck Lessons, another reputable seller offering lesson plans through Teachers Pay Teachers.

Designed for grades 7-11, TechCheck’s Microsoft Office Mega Bundle includes an incredible 856 pages of resources.

The bundle includes an extensive amount of Microsoft Office lesson plans and activities:

  • 33 Word lessons
  • 35 PowerPoint lessons
  • 20 Excel lessons
  • 9 Outlook activities

In the bundle, you’ll also receive other lesson plans to teach your students essential computer skills like keyboarding and digital citizenship.

How Much Do These Technology Lesson Plans Cost, and Who Are They For?

The TechCheck Microsoft Office Mega Bundle is available for $45. With 856 pages of content, you should be able to teach an entire course on these computer applications. On the other hand, if you need just a few lessons on a specific Microsoft Office topic, you can purchase individual units from within the TechCheck Bundle.

These lesson plans are of great value for a teacher focusing on the Microsoft Office application suite and provide a wealth of content you can incorporate into your middle school technology classes.

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Meet Your Technology Lesson Plan Needs with a Comprehensive Curriculum

Covering technology topics in a middle school classroom can often feel overwhelming. Whether you’re covering digital literacy or computer coding, you must give your students appropriate resources to help them learn and grow.

Depending on the subjects you need to cover, any of these technology lesson plans could be an excellent choice for your middle schoolers.

However, we’ve often heard from educators that students learn best when they have continuity in the learning process.

If this is true in your classroom, consider a comprehensive curriculum system, such as Business&ITCenter21 from AES. When you teach with a curriculum system, you’ll be able to cover a range of technology subject areas while providing consistency and continuity for your students.

To discover more about AES and if it could be a good fit for your learners, visit the Business&ITCenter21 catalog page. You’ll be able to view the entire AES technology curriculum to see if it meets your needs.Explore the Business&ITCenter21 Catalog