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Introducing: Drone Curriculum

November 7th, 2022 | 4 min. read

Joshua Witherspoon

Joshua Witherspoon

After serving as a Texas FFA state officer in 2018, Josh Witherspoon joined the iCEV team as a part-time employee for 3 years before taking on the role of content development specialist in 2022. Witherspoon holds a bachelor's degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University, in which his experience and proficiency in writing, marketing and CTE allow him to effectively communicate the successes of CTE educators and students and the value iCEV has to offer.

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The sky is the limit! Or at least it used to be. iCEV is excited to announce all new drone curriculum to take learning in your Agricultural Science, STEM or LPSCS classroom to new heights. In these engaging new courses, teach students valuable knowledge and skills applicable in many career settings through learning about drones and how they operate.

In this blog, we will explore each of the three new drone courses and highlight valuable student learning outcomes and lesson features to provide impactful learning experiences for your students.

About Our NEW Drone Curriculum

iCEV acquired, expanding the course library for STEM, Agricultural Science and Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (LPSCS) on the iCEV platform. The drone industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in CTE today. To help prepare today’s students for opportunities in the drone industry, iCEV’s new drone curriculum has everything a CTE educator needs to expose students to valuable knowledge, skills and career opportunities.

The new drone curriculum focuses on four primary areas: theory and design, flight skills, programming and preparation for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification exam. Not only are these focus areas relevant to drone science, the knowledge and skills are also applicable to other CTE subject and career areas, specifically those related to programming and engineering and design. Along with theory and practical application, each course will feature a career exploration component through career interviews with drone professionals across various sectors of the industry. Through these course’s engaging activities, media-rich lessons and other instructional materials and interactive components your students will develop knowledge and skills in high demand in today and tomorrow’s workforce.

Drone Theory & Design – (31 Lessons)

Introduce your students to engineering basics through learning the theory and design elements of a drone. In this engaging course, expose students to a wide range of knowledge also applicable to other CTE subject areas and career opportunities outside of the drone industry. For students interested in drones, this course allows learners to understand the components of a drone as well as how those components work together to make the drone fly. Whether a student has interest in the drone industry or not this course offers value to a wide range of students interested in STEM, LPSCS and agricultural careers.

Learn to Fly - (22 Lessons)

In this engaging course, introduce your students to the basics of flight including aerodynamics, Newton’s laws of force and motion and beginning flight skills like controller basics and maneuvering terminology. Students will also be exposed to drone maintenance and battery care lessons to help students become better problem solvers and more knowledgeable drone pilots when entering the industry. Help your students get a jump start on their technical knowledge and skills by exposing them to this engaging and challenging course.       

UAS Remote Pilot Certification (FAA Part 107 Training)

For students interested in pursuing career opportunities in the drone industry, the UAS Remote Pilot Certification (FAA Part 107 Training) is the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in high demand in the workforce. Those who earn the UAS Remote Pilot Certification are licensed to fly drones commercially. As the drone industry continues to expand into other sectors job opportunities are abundant offering an entirely new set of career opportunities for CTE students. This course was designed to prepare students to be successful when taking the UAS Remote Pilot certification test and includes activities, handouts, test reviews and many other resources to set your students up for success to take the exam. Visit our website to learn more about certifications hosted on the iCEV website.

Drones are an emerging technology across multiple industries offering new and exciting career opportunities for students. iCEV is excited to offer these new innovative drone courses to expose students to valuable knowledge and skills applicable in many career fields. To learn more about drone curriculum and how your students can benefit from it, click the “Discover Drone Curriculum” button above to visit our drone curriculum website. See you in the sky!

Discover the Drone Curriculum