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7 Things for Students to Include in a Digital Portfolio

April 20th, 2022 | 3 min. read

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Alternative assessments allow students to showcase their understanding of the course in a creative way. Typically, these assessments are project-based and student-led, allowing them to showcase their interests, passions and personalities. In the last few years, alternative assessments have gained popularity within education from the student, teacher and administration level for the benefits students receive from these assessments.

One of the most common assessment tools teachers are currently using in their classrooms are digital portfolios. Digital portfolios are a medium students can host online and can continue to customize and add to throughout their academics and careers. Text, media and demonstrations can all be added to a portfolio which is why it has become such a popular assessment tool. This blog highlights what should be included in a student portfolio.  

About Me


The About Me section should include a brief description of what one does, their interests and the subjects they specialize in. This section allows visitors to get to know you better and begin to develop a narrative to your career interests.

Passion/Interest Page

It may be beneficial to include a summary of professional aspirations and goals, especially when using a portfolio to apply for internships or opportunities outside of the classroom. This section shows employers you are driven and ambitious to explore experiences aligning with your personal goals.


Another competent to include in a portfolio is a skills section. Using pictures and videos, students can highlight a list of their most essential skills related to the course or a career.

Work Samples

Some would argue the most important component of a digital portfolio is work samples. This section should make up majority of the portfolio and should include the best work to show proof of the skills mentioned in the skills section of the portfolio.

Extracurricular ActivitiesExtra

Involvement in extracurricular activities shows a student is dedicated, motivated and goes above and beyond. By including extracurricular activities in portfolio, students are showcasing their social and intellectual experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

Learner Profile

Understanding ones learning style and preferences is essential to being a good teacher. Having students include a learner profile helps you better understand their preferences and needs in your classroom. Additionally, this is a great addition to a work application for employers to understand their potential employees as well.


Make sure to include or link a resume somewhere within the digital portfolio. A resume is a great way to share all experiences in one place, especially if students are planning to publish their portfolios online.

Tip: make sure to have students remove all identifying factors on their resume. Emails, phone numbers and addresses shouldn’t be published online. This is a great chance to discuss digital citizenship and cybersecurity in the classroom.

Digital portfolios encourage students to showcase their skills and knowledge using creativity. Each portfolio should be unique to the one who made it. When including portfolios as an alternative assessment tool, make sure to encourage creativity and individuality within your students.