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Introducing iCEV's New Shop Safety Series

January 10th, 2022 | 3 min. read

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Preventing injuries and educating students about proper safety procedures are essential in every shop. We are excited to release a new series to update our current, and the most viewed iCEV lesson, Basic Shop Safety. While the new series is now available on iCEV, users can still use and find the original lesson. Learn more about the new series in this video


In this five-part series, Randall Hust, Construction Technology Instructor & OSHA Authorized Trainer at Byron Martin  Advanced Technology Center, discusses various aspects of basic shop safety. Students can learn about why safety is important, what hazards are present in a shop or on a jobsite as well as how to prevent injuries in various settings. Additionally, these lessons define appropriate rules and practices to help students identify hazards and avoid harm. This playlist is available to subscribers of the Agricultural Science and Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing sites. The following lessons are included in the brand-new series. 

• Basic Shop Safety: Personal Protective Equipment
• Basic Shop Safety: Mechanical Hazards
• Basic Shop Safety: Non-Mechanical Hazards
• Basic Shop Safety: Elevated Work & Fall Protection
• Basic Shop Safety: Hazard Recognition Challenge


What’s New?

In addition to five new lessons, teachers and students will encounter a never-before-seen component in the series. The Hazard Recognition Challenge lesson serves as a capstone to the entire Basic Shop Safety series. After progressing through the first four lessons, students will use critical thinking skills and their basic shop safety knowledge to complete the final lesson.

This lesson utilizes animation examples of shop scenarios and challenges for students to assess the situation for hazards. The activity allows students to identify procedures performed correctly and incorrectly and the potential consequences. Upon completion of the activity, instructors can review the animation examples and further discuss the scenarios with students.

This comprehensive activity will engage students and allow instructors to assess their knowledge of basic shop safety as well as their preparedness to utilize shop facilities safely and accurately.


Adding the New Series on iCEV 

There are primarily three ways to add the new lessons on iCEV. View the how-to videos below for an overview of adding the new series on iCEV. 

Subject Area Playlist


Customize a Course


Browse by Subject



iCEV is excited to launch the new shop safety series. We hope you enjoy the new lessons and the new assessment format within the lessons.