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3 Creative Ways to Fund Classroom Edtech Tools

March 14th, 2022 | 3 min. read

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EdTech tools help us meet the needs of our students in creative and fascinating ways. From hardware to software and online programs, there are vast options to use technology to engross students in their learning experiences. However, the cost connected with these opportunities is sometimes outside of the campus and district budget. There are many other ways to fund edtech tools for your classroom without using your hard-earned dollars. Below are three ways to fund edtech tools for your classroom.

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a nonprofit organization connecting classroom supporters to public school projects. They also match donations from every single donor you refer to for your first project.  This means when you share your project with others and they donate, Donors Choose will give one dollar for every dollar your friends, family and colleagues who donate to your first project.

Their mission is to make it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need. You can easily set up your first project in about 20 minutes in three easy steps. During the setup process, you request your items by making a wish list that is stored on their site. You will also share a little information about why you need the funding along with information about your school, classroom and students. Then, their team reviews your post in about three days. Once the project is reviewed, it is placed on their website. Next, you share your project with family and friends, and the Donors Choose community is also able to see your needs to support you. Once your project is fully funded, you receive your order at your school.


Digital Wish

Digital Wish was founded in 2008 after their founder, Heather Chirtea’s twins were enrolled in a small rural elementary school in need of help from their local community. The learning community wrote letters and raised over $20,000 to help save the school and fund much-needed requests. Today, Digital Wish aims to provide technology-rich education for each student is able to assist with providing them with the skills they need to excel in the global economy. Their four-step process allows you to apply for hotspots, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets. 

How to Apply

  1.  Watch a 2-minute video to ensure you qualify
  2. Identify what you need through a parent survey and technology survey
  3. Get quotes on the items you would like to order
  4. Complete the application



AdoptAClassroom is committed to advancing equity in education, one classroom at a time. Through their program, educators are able to create a fundraising campaign or apply for a grant. Then, donors give to classrooms, schools, or specific funds. Once donations are received, educators are able to order what they need. Signing up for Adopt a Classroom allows you to register your classroom or school for funding.

When registering your classroom, it only takes 3 steps. Educators will first create an account and log into their account to create a classroom fundraising page. This page tells donors what you need.  Next, you share your fundraising page with your network. The AdoptAClassroom community is also able to donate to your cause, and there are grants and giveaways given to campaigns directly from the organization. Once funds are raised, teachers can spend their donations on classroom materials from the AdoptAClassroom marketplace of about 30 different vendors, and the order is shipped directly to your school.

Receiving donations and funding for your classroom can help to expand instructional strategies and engagement within your CTE classes. Donors Choice, Digital Wish and Adopt a Classroom are three ways to receive the materials and resources needed to carry out hands-on projects within the classroom. Grants, funding opportunities and scholarships are other ways to receive the means needed to expand your classrooms offerings.