endorsed by Benz School of Floral Design

The Principles of Floral Design Certification endorsed by Benz School of Floral Design requires students to display a thorough understanding of the principles, elements, geometry, basic techniques used in floral design.



Certification Overview

Students will become associated with the origins and history of floral design, as well as be able to  identify flowers and floral materials, design and create arrangements and understand the elements used in critiquing and appraising floral designs.

startquotesbl.pngThe Benz School of Floral Design stresses the importance of principles and elements of design in all of its course curriculums, so this connection with CEV Multimedia is a logical extension of what we teach.endquotebl.png

Bill McKinley
Benz School of Floral Design


  • Agricultural Science


  • Understand the history of floral design by discovering the origins, development and significance of floral design.
  • Identify flowers, floral design tools and analyze the use of various flowers, foliage and tools in designing floral arrangements.
  • Analyze the design elements, principles and geometric shapes in floral design, as well as their use in floral design and use these skills to critique and appraise floral arrangements.
  • Demonstrate the proper steps of post harvest care of cut flowers and be able to identify the various tools and equipment use in post harvest care of cut flowers.
  • Identify, design and create various types of floral arrangements such as bereavement, specialty, wedding and holiday arrangements.
  • Discuss the fundamental practices of managing a floral business, including tools and supplies, aspects of a business plan, pricing and marketing methods and safety practices involved in the floral industry.


  • History of Floral Design
  • Flower Identification
  • Floral Design Basics: Principles & Elements
  • Floral Design Basics: Techniques
  • Geometry in Floral Design
  • Floral Design Tools
  • Post Harvest Care of Cut Flowers
  • Corsage & Boutonniére Preparation
  • Wedding Arrangements
  • Special Arrangements
  • Bereavement Arrangements
  • Critiquing Floral Arrangements
  • Flower Business Management