Developed in collaboration with Express Employment Professionals, the Career Preparedness Certification equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in a post-secondary or workplace environment.



Certification Overview

The Career Preparedness certification addresses major topics such as higher learning, the job seeking process, financial literacy, workplace etiquette and workplace technology. The certification consists of 19 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

"We want to empower the next generation to make knowledgeable decisions about education and careers, and this partnership with CEV Multimedia is a powerful stepping stone in helping students discover and achieve their career goals."

Rachel Rudisill
Recruitment Advertising & Marketing Manager
Express Employment Professionals


  • Agricultural Science

    Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing

    Business, Marketing, Finance, IT & Media

    Career Exploration

    Family & Consumer Sciences

    Health Science

    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security


  • Analyze high learning opportunities and distinguish among the various types of financial aid.
  • Describe types of employment and discuss methods to seek and secure job opportunities.
  • Complete job applications as well as create a cover letter and résumé.
  • Participate in the interview process, including preparation and practice, etiquette and possible outcomes.
  • Organize and plan personal finances and use a career plan to develop personal income potential.
  • Understand and demonstrate proper business manners and etiquette.
  • Define and analyze characteristics of leadership and apply team building techniques to a variety of situations.
  • Explain the purpose and proper use of workplace technology and electronic communication and scheduling.


  • Formulas for Career Success: Career Testing & Investigation

  • Goal Setting Basics

  • Formulas for Career Success: Higher Learning

  • Cost of Education & Training

  • Formulas for Career Success: Financial Aid

  • Formulas for Career Success: Portfolio Development

  • Formulas for Career Success: Job Search

  • Formulas for Career Success: Job Applications

  • Formulas for Career Success: Cover Letters

  • Formulas for Career Success: Résumés

  • Formulas for Career Success: Interview Preparation

  • Formulas for Career Success: The Interview Process

  • Formulas for Career Success: After the Interview Process

  • Employability Skills

  • Leadership & Team Dynamics

  • Workplace Issues

  • Employee Compensation Components

  • Workplace Technology

  • Electronic Communication & Scheduling