Developed in partnership with the Texas Tech University Center for Financial Responsibility, the Personal Financial Literacy Certification provides students with an in-depth understanding of the key financial decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives, no matter what career they choose.



Certification Overview

In addition, the certification addresses major topics such as savings and investments, personal taxes, retirement and estate planning, home buying, employee compensation and the cost of education and training. The certification consists of 15 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

"We want to empower the next generation to make knowledgeable decisions about education and careers, and this partnership with CEV Multimedia is a powerful stepping stone in helping students discover and achieve their career goals."

Rachel Rudisill
Recruitment Advertising & Marketing Manager
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  • Business, Marketing, Finance, IT & Media


  • Learn to identify an individual’s current financial situation and develop financial goals using the risk and return of various savings options.
  • Demonstrate how to interpret, reconcile and maintain financial records such as bank statements and credit reports.
  • Identify types of taxes at the local, state and national level and examine tax liabilities.
  • Understand the various sources of funds for post-secondary education and analyze their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Evaluate various types of insurance, such as auto, health, life and property insurance.
  • Examine types of identity theft situations and scams.
  • Identify costs of retirement such as living expenses and health care expenses and explain sources of income during retirement.
  • Discuss steps involved in preparing to buy a home, including hiring reliable professionals and being pre-approved.


  • Home Buying Basics: Understanding the Language
  • Creating a Personal Budget
  • Creating a Family Budget
  • Borrowing Basics
  • Saving & Investment Strategies
  • Understanding Personal Taxes
  • Banking Products & Services
  • Cost of Education & Training
  • Employee Compensation Components
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Personal Risk Management
  • Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Home Buying Basics
  • Financial Statements & Recordkeeping
  • Car Buying Basics