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Preview iCEV's brand new STEM resources by exploring the resources below. Designed to be a comprehensive curriculum, our content is created to make STEM programs approachable, regardless of the program’s available funding, space or teacher experience.

Physics Basics


One-Dimensional Motion

The lesson explains how to analyze motion by understanding distance, displacement, time, speed, velocity and acceleration. Additionally, the lesson provides proof to show how commonly used kinematic equations are derived. The lesson also explains the importance of considering frame of reference for any kinematic problems.


Design Challenge


Design Challenge: Catapults & Kinematics

Students will be making catapults powered by rubber bands designed and optimized to clear a wall. This Design Challenge provides students the opportunity to practice the engineering process, prototype testing and apply kinematic principles in a real scenario.


Workplace Skills


Professionalism in the Sciences: Scientific Research

This lesson will teach students about professional standards and conduct. Students will explore what it means to be professional in a work setting, including time management skills, professional dress, professional communication and collaboration.

Connecting to STEM Careers: Electronic Design Engineer

Students will learn about a STEM career and the process to work in the STEM field.




Social Engineering

Social engineering is an illegal conduct which utilizes device users’ vulnerabilities to gain confidential information. This presentation defines social engineering and differentiates between the various types of social engineering tactics.