Using iCEV in Google Classroom Without an LTI Integration 

How to use iCEV resources in Google Classroom 


STEP 1: Select Course

To begin, select the course you would like to add iCEV resources.


*Note. If the course has not been created, add a new course in Google Classroom. 

STEP 2: Add Coursework

In Google Classroom, click the “Classwork” tab at the top of the page and click the “+ Create” button.



STEP 3: Select Coursework

After clicking the “+ Create” button in Google Classroom, select the type of coursework you would like to add.



STEP 4: Customize iCEV Lesson and Coursework 

In iCEV, select the lesson and/or resource you are adding to Google Classroom.


*NOTE. If you have not created an iCEV course for this class, you will need to create a course and invite students to the course before adding the coursework in Google Classroom. Learn how to create and customize a course, manage your course roster and other iCEV features in here.


STEP 5: Add iCEV Link to Google Classroom

In Google Classroom, insert the link of the iCEV lesson and/or resource in the “Description” text box.



*NOTE. If you select a resource listed as “Printable Activity,” the resource will open as a PDF in a new tab, while the interactive resources will appear as a new browser window. Printable resources can be viewed by students with or without student licenses. 

*NOTE. In order for students to access interactive resources, students will need an iCEV student license and have enrolled in the iCEV course to access the link. Learn how to add students to a course in this tutorial.

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