Professional Communications Certification

Professional Communications Certification

Endorsed by Southwest Airlines and delivered through iCEV, the Professional Communications certification addresses how to communicate effectively in the workplace. The course tackles important topics, such as written and verbal communication, leadership styles, conflict management and collaboration and English applications. The Professional Communications certification is designed for all students, regardless of their chosen program of study.

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What is the certification?

What skills are learned in the certification?

startquotesbl.png  We’re confident this course will challenge students and provide the essential training they need in order to thrive in a career or postsecondary environment...endquotebl.png

Linda Rutherford
Vice President Communication & Outreach
Southwest Airlines

Certification Lessons

1: Written Communication Practices
2: Communication Styles
3: Introduction to Professional Communication
4: Presentation Strategies & Tactics
5: Steps to Superior Customer Service
6: Public Speaking Basics
7: Introduction to Digital Communications
8: Extemporaneous Speaking
9: Conflict Management
10: Leadership Styles
11: Researching Strategies & Tactics
12: Teamwork & Collaboration
13: English Applications
14:Telecommunications Basics
15: Business Letters & Memos