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CEV Multimedia Paves Way to Industry Certifications with iCEV Update

Enhanced online platform enables districts to offer wide variety of Career and Technical Education courses while students work toward industry-backed certifications


LUBBOCK, Texas (August 26, 2014) – CEV Multimedia, a leading producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum resources, announces a major update to its flagship learning tool. iCEV, an online platform that produces and delivers comprehensive educational content, now includes a course management system with pre-built CTE courses. CEV Multimedia is also partnering with Learnosity to deliver interactive assessments and activities for students through iCEV.

The update to iCEV comes amid growing national interest in the advancement of CTE programs. Several state initiatives, including House Bill 5 in Texas and Alabama's Career Preparedness course, emphasize the importance of putting students on the path to college and career success. Through the enhanced version of iCEV, students can obtain industry-backed certifications by completing regular coursework. During a news conference in Austin, Texas on July 21, CEV Multimedia announced inaugural industry partners supporting its certification program, with more partners to be announced in the next 18 months.

"As the nation's workforce evolves, it's imperative that we provide students with opportunities to explore career and technical education tracks that match their interests," said iCEV President Dusty Moore. "We significantly enhanced iCEV and are creating industry certifications to open doors for students as they chart their college and career paths."

The new version of iCEV includes a course management system containing pre-built CTE courses with lessons from the platform's extensive online library. A course set-up guide walks educators through the process of choosing and customizing courses to fit the needs of their students. Students then complete interactive activities and online assessments, with guidance from teachers. The system automatically evaluates and records results, providing an easy way for educators to analyze student achievement data. iCEV also offers instantaneous technical and curriculum support for teachers through a live-chat feature.

"It was our goal to blend industry certifications and classroom teaching in a more cohesive fashion," said Moore. "Our new platform allows students to work toward their career goals while they are advancing through regular coursework."

CEV Multimedia updates iCEV weekly with new lessons, which are correlated to state standards. Each lesson contains professional interviews that provide students with real-world examples of career possibilities that coincide with the main lesson content. iCEV is compatible with several devices, including Macs and PCs, Chromebooks, iPads, iPods, and more. Since launching in 2012, CEV has added over 240 new lessons to the platform.

"In 2012, we had 200,000 minutes of video lessons viewed by our subscribers," said Moore. "Last year the number jumped to over 1 million. With the release of the new platform, we project to have over 3 million minutes viewed for 2014. It’s great to see those numbers grow as it means educators and students are quickly adapting to our online product and using iCEV as a key instructional component in their courses."

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With 30 years' experience, CEV specializes in providing quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum and education resources for several major subject areas: Agricultural Science & Technology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Business Education, Marketing Education, Trade & Industrial Education, and Career Exploration. CEV received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Blue Ribbon Small Business Award in 2012 and has been honored numerous times for its excellence in content creation and exemplary business practices. In 2012, CEV introduced iCEV, an online platform revolutionizing the way CEV produces and delivers educational content. iCEV is the most comprehensive, online resource for CTE educators and students. With iCEV's learning-on-demand capabilities, video clips stream instantly to any device with Internet capabilities. For more information, visit www.icevonline.com.

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