LUBBOCK, Texas (Feb. 7, 2018) – As part of Proclamation 2017, the Texas State Board of Education selected CEV Multimedia to provide Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum to align with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Following the development and approval of 87 CTE courses for the iCEV online learning platform, CEV Multimedia announced today that 900 Texas school districts have successfully adopted courses.

School districts that adopted iCEV materials received pre-packed, TEKS-aligned courses and learning materials, an automatic testing and grading system, and numerous lessons that will guide students through their education and careers. Student licenses offer interactive learning opportunities through project-based activities and video assignments.

“The adoption process allowed CTE educators from across Texas to modernize their CTE curriculum and ensure that the next-generation of workers have the skills future employers are looking for,” said Dusty Moore, president of iCEV. 

Since the completion of the approval process, CEV Multimedia has added an additional 16 TEKS-aligned courses, 125 lessons, 36,699 questions and 4,206 interactive activities and assessments to iCEV.

“In our school district, we look at iCEV like a mechanic looks at a toolbox. When a teacher wants to teach a new skill, they can go into iCEV to find the necessary materials just like a mechanic searches a toolbox for the proper tool to repair a car,” said Michael Daniel, director of CTE at Magnolia Independent School District.

In 2017, students nationwide answered over 78 million questions, watched 11 million minutes of video (a 94 percent increase from 2016), completed 650 online professional development sessions and earned 5,000 industry certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform.

Learn more about Proclamation 2017 by visiting booth 311 at TCEA. For more information about the industry certifications hosted on iCEV's testing platform, visit

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Since 1984, iCEV has specialized in providing quality CTE curriculum and educational resources. iCEV is the most comprehensive online resource for CTE educators and students, offering curriculum for several major subject areas, including agricultural science, trade & industrial education, business & marketing, career exploration, family & consumer science, health science, law enforcement and STEM education. Additionally, iCEV acts as a certification testing platform for industry certifications. Leading companies and organizations utilize iCEV as the testing platform for their certifications. For more information, visit