LUBBOCK, Texas (May 23, 2017) – CEV Multimedia, a leading producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum resources, announces the release of a new social media marketing course. The materials highlight concepts and best practices useful to students entering a marketing or business career path. CEV Multimedia developed the course in response to a growing need for social media-specific curriculum in marketing courses.

In recent years, many states have adopted social media marketing as a stand-alone course, or have integrated it into current marketing curriculum requirements. The content areas of the iCEV course focus on topics such as the basics of social media, laws and ethics, mobile marketing, strategies for creating, implementing and evaluating social media campaigns and more.

“As social media continues to evolve, this new course gives students the knowledge to use these channels effectively in both personal and professional environments,” said Clayton Franklin, vice president of brand management at CEV Multimedia. “We hope students adapt to new trends in the industry to understand how it contributes to an organization’s overall marketing strategy.”

Delivered through iCEV, teachers have access to an extensive playlist of videos, presentations, lab activities, assessments, lesson plans and more to teach topics related to social media and marketing. Subscribers will also have access to more than 25 additional courses and curricula available on the iCEV platform.

Industry professionals, such as Allie Danziger, contributed to the design of multiple lessons within the course. Danziger is the president and founder of Integrate, an integrated marketing agency in Houston, Texas.

“Many organizations recognize that social media is a powerful tool and understand that they need to hire social media-savvy individuals that can help develop strategy and messaging that resonates with an audience,” Danziger said. “This new course shows students that working with social media is so much more than posting a picture or sending a tweet. It’s about bringing the human element to a brand and being able to adapt and think strategically in an industry that is constantly changing.”

iCEV’s robust curriculum and training resources aid students in concept mastery and offer the potential to earn industry certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform. Through these programs, students in high school and college learn lifelong skills that translate directly into the workforce and post-secondary education programs.

The full course will launch in Fall 2017 with new lessons being added to the playlist as they become available.

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