LUBBOCK, Texas (October 16, 2017) - There is no one better equipped to prepare aspiring teachers than teachers themselves. That’s why CEV Multimedia, the leading producer of CTE curriculum resources, announces the release of an Instructional Practices in Education and Training course to enable future educators to begin preparing for their careers sooner.

Offered through iCEV, an online learning platform, the Instructional Practices in Education and Training course offers 20 lessons which cover educational assessments, learning styles, special education and more.

“We work with educators daily to create and implement new CTE curriculum, and as we continue to expand the scope of courses we offer, it was a logical next step to create a course for aspiring educators,” said Megan O’Quinn, director of brand management of iCEV. “The traditional classroom is changing, and through this course, students can learn in a way that more closely reflects the classroom they could one day be teaching in.”

During the creation of the course, CEV Multimedia worked with educators such as Whitney Wilson, a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher from Tahoka Independent School District in Texas, to be a part of the video lessons and inform the course content.

“This course provides the unique opportunity for students to learn about behaviors, which can spur self-assessments and ultimately make them better students and future teachers,” said Wilson. “My school has used iCEV for years, as no other curriculum provider offers the range of courses and certifications they do. I’m excited to help bring this new CTE course to my students and future teachers everywhere.”

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