LUBBOCK, Texas (Apr. 30, 2015) – CEV Multimedia, a leading producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum resources, announced today that the Texas Education Agency has added the Principles & Elements of Floral Design course to its state-approved curriculum. The course will be offered through iCEV, an online platform that produces and delivers comprehensive educational content to students and teachers. 

Along with the new state-approved curriculum, students enrolled in the course will also have the opportunity to earn the Benz School of Floral Design Principles of Floral Design Certification. The certification verifies students have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to begin a career in the floral industry. The certification is accompanied by optional study material developed by iCEV to help students successfully pass the certification exam. The optional study material associated with the certification is comprised of 13 lessons that address key components of floral design, including the history of floral design, flower identification, principles and elements of design, and flower business management.

“We’re pleased to provide quality CTE resources and training opportunities to school districts in Texas,” said Dusty Moore, iCEV President. “By adding the Principles & Elements of Floral Design coursework  into the Texas state-approved curriculum, we’re ensuring students have access to solutions that align to their career goals and personal interests.”

Developed by CEV Multimedia, iCEV offers in-depth, interactive learning with professional demonstrations to prepare students for postsecondary education and high-skill, high-demand careers. Educators can quickly monitor, track and engage students directly through the platform’s interactive lessons. 

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