LUBBOCK, Texas (Nov. 11, 2015) As part of the California Career Pathways Trust Program, CEV Multimedia, a leading producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum resources, announces that the South Coast Region Agricultural Education Consortium will utilize a portion of its grant to incorporate iCEV in Agricultural Science classes. Developed by CEV Multimedia, iCEV is an online platform that produces comprehensive educational content for students and teachers.

Templeton Unified School District in San Luis Obispo County is one of 40 CTE programs throughout the state to be awarded a grant, giving students a chance to explore their interest and future career options. By allocating funds from the grant, more students within the county will be able to participate in their school’s CTE program to receive career training and certifications. Funds provide Agricultural Science teachers and students access to iCEV to support existing programs and materials currently being used.

"There are many benefits to offering certification opportunities to our students who are seeking meaningful training and relevant experience," said Erin Gorter, program director of South Coast Region Agricultural Education Consortium. "It’s important for our students to draw connections between their work and our industry partners, and an opportunity for teachers to personalize their instruction through iCEV."

The South Coast Region Agricultural Education Consortium will oversee allocation of grant funds for Templeton Unified School District – which has received $5.7 million. Representing 29 high schools across 21 school districts, the Consortium aims to strengthen agricultural science and mechanics curricula in high school CTE programs to increase student enrollment, graduation and work experience.

"By allocating funds from the grant, the South Coast Region is strengthening CTE curriculum and resources for students throughout the region," said Dusty Moore, iCEV President. "As students continue to train and prepare for their desired career paths, iCEV creates an engaging learning environment that offers the materials needed for today’s highly trained workforce."

iCEV offers practical, interactive learning with professional demonstrations to prepare students for postsecondary education and high-skill, high-demand careers. Educators can quickly monitor, track and engage students directly through the platform’s interactive lessons and assessments. Through iCEV, students can also enhance their career training by earning industry-backed certifications.

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