LUBBOCK, Texas (July 21, 2015) With Texas high school graduation requirements changing under Texas House Bill 5 (HB 5), the state’s school counselors, principals and teachers are searching for effective ways to guide students and parents through the new process. CEV Multimedia, a leading producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum resources, today released state-specific Career Exploration curriculum through iCEV to help.

Incoming high school freshmen are now required to choose one of five specialized endorsement areas: science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); business and industry; public services; arts and humanities; or multidisciplinary. As part of Texas House Bill 18 (HB 18), schools are responsible for helping students and parents understand the endorsement areas.

“This legislation provides the framework for ensuring Texas students and their families make deliberate, informed decisions that put them on a path to college and career readiness,” said Texas State Senator Charles Perry. “By creating and delivering timely Career Exploration technology curriculum, in a multi-media format, the successful implementation of HB 18 by educators, parents and students will become a reality.”

Whether schools have a dedicated career exploration course or will utilize core classes, school assemblies or individual study to educate students on the endorsement areas, iCEV now contains video playlists to match. Upon logging-in to the online platform, teachers, counselors or administrators can implement one or more of these playlists:

  • Introduction Playlist for HB 5 and Endorsements
  • Detailed Playlist for Each Endorsement
  • Complete Courses

“School counselors, in particular, are facing a pretty daunting challenge of helping each individual student understand and select an area of study,” said Dusty Moore, president of iCEV. “These new resources are built to ensure everyone involved in a student’s selection of an endorsement area has a complete understanding of the new process. We want to remove any ambiguity and make the lives of school leaders easier.”

Because the materials are available online, students can access the curriculum from home and engage parents or guardians in discussing their endorsement choice. In addition, virtual job descriptions tied to each lesson allow students to hear first-hand about career choices within each endorsement area. Online testing and grading, plus interactive activities, enable teachers, counselors and administrators to assess students’ knowledge regarding HB 5 and endorsements. School leaders can also produce printouts, which help students plan coursework and achieve endorsements. 

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