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November 12, 2015

New Segments

Elements & Principles of Interior Design

The design of interior space largely affects people’s living conditions. This presentation identifies the basic elements and principles of interior design, provides suggestions of space utilization, traffic flow and furniture arrangement. Students will also learn the principles of color use and the effect of lighting in a space.

Influences on Interior Design

The interior design industry is constantly impacted by economic, social and cultural influences. This presentation identifies the major factors influencing interior design businesses, analyzes the impacts of technology advancements on the interior design industry, and provides suggestions for budgeting interior design projects.

Featured Segments

Introduction to Interior Design

The realm of interior design is quickly becoming an art and a science. This presentation guides students through the interior design process, what an interior designer does on a day-to-day basis as well as the different considerations and influences needed to create a quality living environment.

In Case You Missed It

New Feature - Student License Upgrade

New upgrades to student licenses allow students to save progress while completing interactive activities and keep track of the work they have completed.

Coming Soon

  • Exploring Careers: Human Services

  • Lighting Basics

  • Garment Construction

  • Garment Fitting Techniques

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