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November 19, 2015

New Segment

Exploring Careers: Human Services

The Exploring Careers: Human Services presentation features an in-depth look at the various careers available in the Human Services Career Cluster.

Featured Segments

Citizenship Basics

This presentation identifies the five basic themes of citizenship and discusses stewardship, advocacy, community outreach and both professional and student organizations.

Consumer Decision Making

This presentation analyzes each step of the process from recognizing a need to buy to evaluating the product or service. The presentation further examines various factors affecting consumer buying behaviors.

Teen Issues

Violence, alcohol, drugs and bullying are commonly-discussed issues of teenagers. This presentation provides students proper methods to avoid risky issues, teach students etiquette of being in a relationship and provide students suggestions to enjoy a positive lifestyle.

Plan For Life

Life planning is a difficult process, but the ability to set and achieve goals can help students understand what they want to accomplish and how to accomplish it. This presentation discusses methods of setting goals, as well as how to make good decisions to achieve those goals.

Coming Soon

  • Family Relationships Management

  • Garment Construction

  • Garment Fitting Techniques

  • Elements & Principles of Apparel Design

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