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October 8, 2015

New Segments

Exploring Careers: Education & Training

The Exploring Careers: Education & Training presentation features an in-depth look at the various careers available in the education and training industry. Students will explore the career pathways found in the Education and Training Career Cluster and learn educational requirements and skills needed to be successful in the cluster.

Education Philosophies & Practices

This presentation discusses the theories of education philosophies, introduces the differences among various types of learners, identifies the qualities of good educators and provides teaching strategies for students in different age groups.

Featured Segments

Appropriate Teaching Strategies

A Job Defined: Educational Policy Worker

Guiding Children

Coming Soon

  • Technology in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  • Careers in the Culinary Industry

  • Food Math & Measurements

  • Elements & Principles of Interior Design

  • Family & Relationships Managment

The Whiteboard

iCEV On the Road - Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia and California 
Recently, Team iCEV attended the Region IV NAAE Conference...