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iCEV Newsletter

October 15, 2015

New Segments

Technology in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Students will be able to identify and understand various types of technology used in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students will also be able to analyze and apply the technology used in related tasks.

Careers in the Culinary Industry

Students will learn about the culinary industry and the skills needed to be employed in certain culinary positions within the industry. Students will also be able to describe the differences between back-of-the-house operations and front-of-the-house operations.

Featured Segments

Principles of HACCP: Introduction

Ensuring food safety is critical in food processing systems. This presentation introduces the seven principles of HACCP and the role a HACCP plan plays in food safety. Additionally, the history of HACCP is discussed.

Parenting Basics

Parenting is a challenging, but rewarding responsibility. This presentation explains the responsibilities associated with parenting and discusses strategies for fulfilling those responsibilities.

Car-Buying Basics

Buying a car can be an overwhelming process to those who are unfamiliar with it. This presentation provides students a step-by-step guide to car buying.

The Whiteboard

6 Things You Never Knew Your iCEV Account Could Do
iCEV is a really powerful tool for teachers and students. Here's a list of some of the things you may not have known iCEV could do.