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September 10, 2015

New Lessons

Principles of HACPP: Identifying Critical Control Points

The second principle of HACCP is identifying critical control points or CCPs. This presentation demonstrates how to identify critical control points using the CCP Decision Tree.

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Principles of HACCP: Establishing & Monitoring Critical Limits & Implementing Corrective Actions

The third, fourth and fifth principles of HACCP are discussed in this presentation which include establishing and monitoring critical limits and taking corrective actions. Methods for completing each principle are explained.

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Principles of HACCP: Establishing Verification Procedures

The sixth principle of HACCP is establishing verification procedures. The importance of verification and methods for implementing verification procedures are discussed.

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Featured Lessons

Dairy Products Production

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Meat MythCrushers: Locally Produced Meat is Safer & More Nutritious

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A Closer Look at Restaurant Management

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6 Inspirational Quotes for Your CTE Classroom 
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