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August 13, 2015

New Lessons

Parenting Basics

Parenting is a challenging, but rewarding responsibility. This presentation explains the responsibilities associated with parenting and discusses strategies for fulfilling those responsibilities. Skills necessary for effective parenting are described and the four basic parenting styles are analyzed. Additionally, the impact a child has on a parent and family is summarized.

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Introduction to Interior Design

The word environment usually sparks images of rain forests and endangered species, but our interior environment is a complex place requiring careful attention, planning, design and supervision to ensure the creation of comfortable, well designed spaces. The realm of interior design is quickly becoming an art and a science. This presentation guides students through the interior design process, what an interior designer does on a day-to-day basis as well as the different considerations and influences needed to create a quality living environment.

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Featured Lessons

Formulas for Career Success: The Interview Process

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Food Sanitation: Insects & Rodents

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Internet Basics

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Coming Soon

  • Principles of HACCP Series

  • AMSA Food Safety & Science Certification

  • Food Math & Measurements