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October 14, 2015


Good communication skills are especially valuable for employers today. It is important to for students to develop communication skills for both giving and receiving information.

Public Speaking Basics

The Public Speaking Basics lesson demonstrates various types of speeches and the concepts and elements involved with each, along with research and organization techniques. Use the City Counsel Student Project to connect real life issues with the presentation techniques found in the lesson.

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Teamwork is an essential aspect of any business environment, and employers are searching for job candidates who possess strong collaborative skills. Employers look for people who can take leadership roles when necessary and work with colleagues for the greater good of the company.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Use the Team & Collaboration Lesson to define teamwork for your students and establish the skills, styles and roles necessary for collaboration. Create a hands-on learning experience with the Team Roles Student Activity.

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Decision Making

Students must be able to make quick decisions, think on their feet, and solve simple problems in today’s workforce. Employees that display great decision making skills are often excellent candidates for promotion to management level.

Decision Making

This lesson guides students through the decision making process and describes the factors affecting people’s decision making. Use the Future Decisions Student Project to apply the lesson to student career goals.

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Critical Thinking

Due to the challenges and issues that can arise on the job, students need to be prepared to overcome those challenges, even when they don’t know the answer. Employers expect candidates to be able to look for and find answers to complex business problems and technical questions.

Employability Skills

Critical thinking and problem solving are just some of the skills detailed in the Employability Skills Lesson. Use the KWL Student Activity to apply critical thinking in the classroom.

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