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November 17, 2015

Featured Segments

Employability Skills

This presentation is designed to help students understand skills needed to be a successful employee and thrive in the workplace environment.

Conflict Management

This presentation defines conflict, investigates common causes of conflict and compares different conflict management styles.

Teamwork & Collaboration

This presentation defines teamwork, lists the skills, styles and roles necessary for positive collaboration as well as details the benefits and responsibilities of working in a team environment.

Graduate Tips & Advice: Importance of Work Ethic

The segment describes ways in which a good work ethic provides success in the workplace.

Workplace Etiquette

Business manners and etiquette are essential to personal success in the workplace. This presentation outlines the importance of proper business behaviors, demonstrates effective telephone skills and describes professional Internet etiquette.

Coming Soon

  • Branding: The Sports & Entertainment Industry

  • Sports & Entertainment Products

  • Accounting Fundamentals

  • Keyboarding Series

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