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November 10, 2015

New Feature

Student License Upgrade

New upgrades to student licenses allow students to save progress while completing interactive activities and keep track of the work they have completed.

Featured Titles

A Job Defined: Entrepreneur

Owning a business is many people’s dream. Greg Bazar, founder of Iron Fish Technologies LLC and 3D-P Inc., describes the nature of entrepreneurship, discusses opportunities and challenges of such a career and provides suggestions for students who are considering starting their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship 101: Congruent Creative Workshop

Entrepreneurship 101: Congruent Creative Workshop takes a closer look at running an event planning business in NYC.

Starting a Small Business

Starting a small business is a very complex and time consuming task, but can be successful if carried out efficiently. This presentation concentrates on the main challenges entrepreneurs face when trying to start a small business and how to overcome them. Research and analysis tools are examined, along with illustrations of various research and analytical tools used throughout the process of creating a small business.

Aspects of a Business Plan

This presentation illustrates a business plan and details financial, marketing and supervisory functions. Management and leadership styles are compared by describing a need for personal management philosophies, as well as emphasizing the need for liaisons primarily with other community organizations. Students learn communication functions for both external and internal audiences, as well as learn to identify communication barriers and possible solutions.

Coming Soon

  • Branding: The Sports & Entertainment Industry

  • Sports & Entertainment Products

  • Accounting Fundamentals Series

  • Touch System Data Entry Series

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