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October 6, 2015

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Management of Energy, Money & Tasks

Sometimes it can be difficult to juggle all the demands of life. This presentation examines how effective and efficient resource management can contribute to goal attainment. Energy and the factors contributing to energy are discussed, as well as methods of managing energy. The importance of a budget is emphasized and methods of maintaining money are explained. Techniques for managing tasks and time are also analyzed, as well as tools for effective time management.

Featured Segments

Microsoft® Outlook 2013 Basics

Financial Literacy: Getting Organized

Jobs, Careers & Education

Coming Soon

  • A Job Defined: Interior Designer

  • Mathematics in the Workplace

  • Exploring Careers: Hospitality & Tourism

  • Branding: The Sports & Entertainment Industry

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iCEV On the Road - Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia and California 
Recently, Team iCEV attended the Region IV NAAE Conference...