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October 13, 2015

New Segments

A Job Defined: Interior Designer

Follow along as Melissa Grimes, an Interior Designer at Studio West, explains what it takes to become an interior designer, the skills needed to be successful and the different educational plans and career outlets for students wanting a career in interior design.

Featured Segments

Field Trip: Game Day

This program explores sports marketing by going behind the scenes of a college football game. Students are introduced to marketing through real-world examples and situations. Students will compare the different approaches of sports marketing and consider the future of the business.

Fundamentals of Marketing

Marketing is an important component of business. One must understand how marketing can influence and enhance business operations. This presentation outlines the marketing concept and discusses how a business can successfully market to customers.

The Power of Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are one of the most influential factors of a business’ decisions and success. This presentation identifies the different kinds of buyers and specifically analyzes customer loyalty. Ways to attract and maintain these customers are discussed, along with the business characteristics needed to retain customers.

The Whiteboard

6 Things You Never Knew Your iCEV Account Could Do
iCEV is a really powerful tool for teachers and students. Here's a list of some of the things you may not have known iCEV could do.