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August 4, 2015

New Lessons

Management of Energy, Money & Tasks

Sometimes it can be difficult to juggle all the demands of life. This presentation examines how effective and efficient resource management can contribute to goal attainment. Energy and the factors contributing to energy are discussed, as well as methods of managing energy.

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Employability Skills

This presentation is designed to help students understand what it means to be an effective and successful employee. Professionalism, effective communication, ethical behavior, academic preparation, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, time management, knowledge of technology and stress management skills are detailed in this presentation as well as examples of each.

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Confidentiality in the Workplace

Follow along as the presentation describes the policies and procedures necessary to maintain confidentiality in the workplace. Principles of confidentiality, ethical behaviors and policies required to ensure both employee and employer information remains secure are detailed. Confidentiality policies within the health and business industry, how to handle a breach in confidentiality, plus precautions to take in order to avoid confidentiality breaches are also included.

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Featured Lessons

Formulas for Career Success: Portfolio Development

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Microsoft® Word 2013 Basics

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Field Trip: Game Day

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Introduction to Microsoft® Office 2013

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Coming Soon

  • Principles of Information Technology Playlist

  • Principles of Computer Programming

  • Keyboarding Basics

The Whiteboard

iCEV on the Road - Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky & More
Recently, Team iCEV attended the Tennessee Association of Agricultural Educators Conference, traveled to Texas for the 2015 TCEC Summer Conference, visited with educators at Kentucky ACTE and more...