iCEV Newsletter

October 21, 2014

New Segments

Car-Buying Basics

This presentation provides students a step-by-step guide to car buying. Topics discussed include: types of vehicles, transportation needs to consider, how to calculate a budget, sources of valuable vehicle information, how to examine and test-drive a vehicle and strategies for negotiation.

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Featured Segments

Personal Finance Basics: Creating a Spending Plan

This segment takes a closer look at the steps of developing a personal budget.

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Consumer Decision Making

This presentation analyzes each step of the process from recognizing a need to buy to evaluating the product or service. Students will also learn essential consumer skills in order to become a smart shopper.

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The Selling Process

This presentation explores the factors which influence customer purchases and how the selling process is used to earn customer satisfaction.

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Microsoft® Office & The City of Atomsville

Enhance your Microsoft® Office lessons. Enter the City of Atomsville here: