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October 15, 2015

Blue & Gold Basics: The FFA Creed

Follow along as this lesson details the history of the FFA Creed as well as provides a description of its contents and meaning. Featuring the 2013 National FFA Officer team, listen as they recite part of the creed and describe what the creed means to them. Guidelines, protocols and a breakdown of the FFA Creed Career Development Event contest are also featured as well as demonstrations from various state winners in the 2013 National FFA Contest.

What is a Creed?

Creed Speaking Contest

Contest Preparation & Scoring

Kara Harris

Texas 2013 State Runner Up

Kynzi Creighton

New Mexico 2013 State Winner

Katie Bradshaw

Kentucky 2013 State Winner

Dane Chapman

Indiana 2013 State Winner

Madison Rose

Ohio 2013 State Winner

Breckin Horton

Oklahoma 2013 State Winner

Amanda Skidmore

California 2013 State Winner

Tess Seibel

Virginia 2013 State Winner

Ally Magnin

Wisconsin 2013 State Winner

Coming to National FFA 2015

Come see us at the 2015 National FFA Convention & Expo (booth #2103). Learn some tricks and get some treats. Plus, take a picture with Skelly! We'll show you all the new updates, including:

  • New Industry-Backed Certifications

  • New Judging Content

  • New Grading Features

The Whiteboard

6 Things You Never Knew Your iCEV Account Could Do
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