iCEV Newsletter

August 13, 2015

Available Industry-Backed Certifications


Principles & Elements of Floral Design

The Principles of Floral Design Certification endorsed by Benz School of Floral Design requires students to display a thorough understanding of the principles, elements, geometry and basic techniques used in floral design.

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Plant Science

The Plant Science Certification endorsed by Bayer CropScience provides students with a solid understanding of plant science, including plant processes, nutrition, genetics and evaluation.

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Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation

The Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation Certification endorsed by the National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association ensures students understand how to identify and analyze livestock breeds and their external anatomy as well as display an understanding of selection criteria and major factors considered in livestock evaluation.

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Meat Evaluation

The Meat Evaluation Certification endorsed by the American Meat Science Association requires students to define the major factors utilized in carcass grading and evaluation. They are asked to display a thorough understanding of meat carcass quality grading, meat handling and food safety as well as the slaughter and fabrication process.

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Professional Communications

The Professional Communications Certification endorsed by Southwest Airlines is designed for all students, regardless of their chosen program of study and provides students with essential verbal and non-verbal communication skills required to thrive in any workplace environment.

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