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November 13, 2014

New Segments

Plants & Animals: What's the Difference?

This presentation illustrates the characteristics of plants and animals and the differences between them. Cellular and physical traits are covered in detail. Life cycle, physical and cellular comparisons are also provided.

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Meat MythCrushers: Processed Meat is Unhealthy & Should Be Avoided

In this NEW installment of this series provided by the American Meat Institute, Janeal Yancey, Ph.D., University of Arkansas, Joe Sebianek, Ph.D., Iowa State University and Dan Hale, Ph.D., Texas A&M University provide insight on this common misconception. Learn why processed meats are a good source of protein, how they are cured and why they are safe for you and your children to eat.

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Lim-Flex Heifers

Featuring Ryan Rathmann, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

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  • Wildlife & Habitat Management in Arid Lands
  • Livestock ID: Poultry
  • Practice Pork Carcass Judging Class