Industry Certifications
Designed to Enhance Your CTE Program


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Benefits of Certifications

iCEV's industry certifications allow students to explore Career and Technical Education courses that match their career interest. The certifications provide real-world examples of career possibilities.

Students who complete certifications often have an advantage over a student who did not receive the hands-on training necessary for a job in the current workforce.

startquotesbl.png  We are excited about the opportunity to work with nationally recognized associations and corporations on our certification program that enhances college and career planning for students around the country. The certifications will help students gain essential workforce skills while exploring career paths that meet their interests.  endquotebl.png

Gordon W. Davis, Ph.D.
Chairman, Partner
CEV Multimedia

How Our Certifications are Different

Students can enhance their career training with certifications by completing regular coursework with iCEV. The online CTE lessons and assessments offer hands-on training as students complete their high school education.

CEV is currently working toward 20 additional certifications, some of which will be ready for CTE classrooms this fall. iCEV plans to offer more than 60 industry certifications.

Available Certifications

Click the titles below to learn more about each certification.


Business Office Technology Certification
Endorsed by Express Employment Professionals


Career Preparedness Certification
Endorsed by Express Employment Professionals


Culinary Meat Selection & Cookery Certification
Endorsed by American Meat Science Association


Food Safety & Science Certification
Endorsed by American Meat Science Association


Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification
Endorsed by Elanco


Meat Evaluation Certification
Endorsed by American Meat Science Association


Plant Science Certification
Endorsed by Bayer CropScience


Principles of Floral Design Certification
Endorsed by Benz School of Floral Design


Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation Certification
Endorsed by National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association


Principles of Small Engine Technology Certification
Endorsed Equipment & Engine Training Council


Professional Communications Certification
Endorsed by Southwest Airlines


Veterinary Medical Applications
Endorsed by Elanco