Career-Readiness Through Skills Validation

Industry certifications, tested for on iCEV, are developed by industry leaders, reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and distinguish individuals from their peers when applying for jobs.

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Created by Nationally-Recognized Organizations & Companies

When you choose industry certifications tested for on iCEV, you bring industry standards set by industry leaders into your classroom. Together, iCEV and these nationally recognized organizations and companies are bridging the gap between education and industry to better prepare individuals for the workforce.

Boost Employability

Certifications serve as a way to validate the skills individuals are learning every day in your classroom. When individuals earn a certification tested for on iCEV, they will receive a certificate proving they have acquired the skills necessary for a particular career. This can give them a distinct advantage in the job application process.

Easily Integrates into Your CTE Coursework

Certifications reflect real-world scenarios, preparing individuals for postsecondary education and the workforce. They can be easily integrated into your lesson plans, allowing individuals to earn a certification while completing regular coursework.

Receive Recognition

Certifications can serve as a form of motivation. Individuals often take coursework more seriously when they know they will be recognized for their work, especially when there is potential to be recognized by earning a job or higher wage. Certifications can also facilitate the transition to post-secondary educational opportunities.

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CTE Teachers Love Industry Certifications

Kirby Hancock
Adair County High School

“I have several students who are now working for local veterinarians and livestock operations as a direct result of their receiving the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification.”

Jenny Kaslin
Gridley High School

“We offer this industry level certification that sets students apart from other local high school floral students looking for jobs in the industry. This certification program is also appealing to parents and administrators which gives us the edge in filling our classes!”

Dawn Butler
Goliad High School

“iCEV certifications are much more relevant than previous assessments. The courses are rigorous, yet students stay interested because they know it will help them in the future.”