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One Certification Voucher and Access to Preparation Materials for 6 Months


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Optional Certification Preparation Materials

Multimedia Presentations

Prepare for the certification exam with engaging video and PowerPoint® presentation lessons. Each lesson is developed through collaboration with industry experts in order to address industry standards within each certification.

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Top 10 Reasons Professionals Should Earn Industry Certifications

Whether an individual is looking for his or her first job, looking to switch careers or trying to advance within their current company, earning an industry certification can offer a variety of benefits. 



Businesses & Organizations Utilizing the iCEV Testing Platform

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About the iCEV Certification Testing Platform

As a testing platform, iCEV fulfills the following responsibilities:

Provides Secure Testing Technology for Certification Exams

Regulates Testing Environments

Works with Secondary and Post-Secondary Institutions, Workforce Development Associations and the Public At-Large to Offer Certification Options

Provides Certification Verification to Employers for Potential Job Applicants

Offers Optional Certification Exam Preparation Materials