A First-class Supplemental Resource
for Higher Education

iCEV strives to meet the demand of collegiate instructors by providing a modern educational platform filled with streaming video and expert insight across numerous industries. The unrivaled visual exposure will enhance student learning and equip students with an extensive knowledge foundation to achieve ultimate success.

Make iCEV your high quality go to for additional curriculum resources!

Easy to Use Supplemental Resource for Colleges & Universities

As opposed to a traditional text book, iCEV provides instructors and students the ability to stream educational video clips directly to computers and mobile devices. We are able to create custom course playlists and assessments for the instructor that will correlate directly with their syllabus.

Send Us Your Syllabus

We take care of everything. Just send us your syllabus and we will be in contact with you to be sure we build a course that specifically meets your needs.


We Create Your Course

With iCEV, we match our curriculum to the way you already teach each of your courses. We can even take parts of lessons to create new lessons and fully customize assessments designed around your needs.


Have Your Students Register

After we've finished setting up your course we will provide you with a registration code to give your students. Your students can use the code to easily register for the appropriate course.