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You have a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship courtesy of the Richard Wallrath Educational Foundation (RWEF).

Through the RWEF partnership with CEV Multimedia, Ltd., watch the movie "Deep in the Heart" by accessing the video below. After watching the movie, write an essay which encompasses one or all of the themes found in the movie including: Stewardship, Faith, Resiliency, FFA and 4-H. Share your story on how the movie had an impact on you (positive or negative).

“Deep in the Heart” (DITH) is the true story of Richard Wallrath, whose personal demons caused him to hit rock bottom. He went on to build a successful business and used his success to become the leading all-time individual donor to 4-H and FFA through educational scholarships. This is a story of finding lost faith, love, and redemption.

Stewardship is an ethic which embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment, nature, economics, health, property, and information.  In watching DITH, how did Mr. Wallrath exercise “stewardship?”  Why? How do you relate to his stewardship?

Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing that is not seen; or the observance of an obligation from loyalty; or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement; or a belief not based on proof; or it may refer to a system of religious belief, such as in which faith is confidence based on some degree of warrant.  In watching DITH, how did Mr. Wallrath demonstrate his “faith?”  How?  How do you relate to his faith or your own?

Resiliency is the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched. An ability to recover readily from illness, depression, or adversity.  In watching DITH, how did Mr. Wallrath show his resiliency?  Have you ever been resilient and is it relatable to DITH?


  • DITH Essay Contest runs January 18th – February 17, 2017.
  • Essays must be received via email or postal service no later than midnight February 17th or with a postmark no later than February 17th.
  • Open to any current FFA member in good standing (membership).
  • Essay should be double spaced using a standard font in English with a font size no larger than .12 and no smaller than .10.
  • The essay should be no more than three pages (standard 8 /12” X 11”).
  • Essay should focus on a topic tied to discussion themes including:  Stewardship, Faith, Resiliency, FFA and 4-H.
  • Winners will be chosen by a committee of the State FFA Association / Foundation based on the spirit of the “Deep in the Heart” movie and its intent to inspire.
  • Winners will be announced and recognized at your respective state FFA conventions.