Megan O'Quinn

Vice President of Brand Management

1.     What is your experience writing curriculum?
I have been creating curriculum for the past 15 years at iCEV. I have created a variety of courses and lessons across all of our CTE subject areas. Also, I have helped, along with many others on our team, develop the look and feel of the iCEV platform.

2.     What is your favorite lesson or project you’ve worked on?
My favorite project I have been a part of creating was developing our Microsoft Office curriculum. It was the first big project I worked on, and I enjoyed creating lessons I felt would help students be successful not just in school but also in any career. 

3.     What are content areas are you most passionate about?
I have a passion for CTE in general. I really am inspired by individuals learning skills that are applicable to their daily lives. All of my favorite classes as a student were in the CTE realm, and I would not be where I am today without the lessons learned in those classes.

4.     What’s your favorite part of the content production process?
I love working with our collaborators who are experts in their field. Regardless of the content area, when someone shares a subject they are passionate about, it is exciting. Getting to work with these individuals and help them visually convey their thought processes and expertise is always fun.

5.     What’s the funniest thing you’ve had happen on a shoot or while writing a lesson?
We were filming a chef preparing quinoa stir fry, and she needed soy sauce to add to the wok. Our entire film crew was very excited about this shoot because we were getting to eat all of the amazing food, and at the time, many had not tried quinoa, so the stir fry was a popular dish everyone wanted to try. Well, it turns out on our ingredient run that we had purchased soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce which, if you do not read the label, appear very similar. Long story short, we handed the chef the Worcestershire sauce rather than the soy sauce, and so our quinoa stir fry was not exactly how we would have imagined it.

6.     What’s the best feedback you’ve gotten from a teacher about our curriculum?
I think the best reviews you can ever receive are when teachers explain how much time using iCEV saves them. Both of my parents were teachers, so hearing teachers say they have more time for things not related to school and preparing for class is always nice. I also really enjoy hearing about the “light bulb” moments students have in finding a subject they are passionate about or understanding a concept.

7.     How do you support the writing team at iCEV?
One of my favorite parts of my job is helping to support our writing team. Support looks different throughout the content development process at times it involves working on brand style guides and training materials to ensure we are providing our team with the tools needed to be successful in their work and other times it is collaborating on developing a new lesson plan design or discussing pedagogy strategies to increase the rigor of different lesson materials.

8.     What are the sports teams you HAVE to watch?
I am a big sports fan in general. I went to school at Texas Tech, so watching their sports teams is always something I try to do. I also am a big baseball fan, and my favorite team is the Houston Astros.

9.     What’s your favorite travel memory?
My husband and I love traveling to National Parks. My favorite memories from those trips are the view from the top of Sentinel Dome in Yosemite National Park and seeing more than 20 grizzly bears on a day tour in Denali National Park. 

10.  What is a unique skill or perspective you bring to our STEM team?
I think my unique skill or perspective is the past experience I have with creating a variety of different lesson types, from slide presentations to all animated videos to demonstration videos. Having these past experiences helps me support and work with our writing team create content in the best media.

11.  Where do you work from?
North East Kansas

12.  Do you have any furry coworkers?
Two dogs, George and Oliver